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U.S. companies of the NuTone-NuTone Group include NuTone-NuTone, NuTone, Rangaire, Aubrey and Jensen. Canadian companies include NuTone-NuTone Canada, Inc. and Venmar. European companies include Best S.p.A., Elektromec S.p.A. and Best Deutschland GmbH.

NuTone-NuTone LLC, located in Hartford, focuses its ventilation expertise on range hoods and bathroom exhaust fans. The combination of a crosstrained, flexible workforce, and world-class technology results in a range hood being produced every seven seconds and a bath fan every six seconds.

NuTone Inc., located in Cincinnati, Ohio, specializes in intercom systems and home theater systems. Homeowners can select from a variety of intercom and speaker systems to meet their specific needs, including SenSonic speakers that provide full house, discreet, music distribution even in the most challenging of locations.

Rangaire LP, based in Cleburne, Texas, manufactures specialty range hoods that incorporate professional style with superb performance.

Aubrey Manufacturing, Inc., located in Union, Illinois, and Jensen Industries, Inc., located in Los Angeles, California, supply high quality medicine cabinets, combining the very latest in decorative styles with cost efficient features and state-of-the-art materials.

NuTone-NuTone Canada, Inc., located in Mississauga, Ontario, focuses its expertise on central vacuum systems while also serving as a resource for the products and services manufactured by other members of the NuTone-NuTone Group to the Canadian market.

Venmar Ventilation Inc., based in Drummondville, Quebec, draws from its 20 years of air movement experience to establish new standards in indoor air quality with ventilation systems for the homes that utilize heat recovery ventilators or energy recovery ventilators.

Best S.p.A., located in Fabriano, Italy, designs and hand-makes sophisticated range hoods that are the focal point of kitchens around the world. In addition, Best produces economy and intermediate range hoods for the kitchens of Europe.

Elektromec S.p.A. is based in Montefano, Italy, and specializes in fractional horsepower motors used in range hoods, refrigerator defrosters, and other products.

Best Deutschland GmbH is located in Regensburg, Germany, and focuses on selling and servicing range hoods produced by Best S.p.A. throughout Germany.

With manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada and Europe, NuTone and NuTone products are distributed through home centers, lumberyards, independent co-ops, mass merchants, and hardware stores throughout the United States and Canada. And most recently, the NuTone brand has been introduced to the European marketplace.

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